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With tailored treatments specifically designed for your needs and dedicated healthcare specialists, HealthMax Physiotherapy in Brampton is your answer for a swift and comfortable recovery. Our team has experience treating a range of conditions related to concussions, back pain, chronic pain, neck pain, arthritis and more. We also offer various alternative treatments such as aquatic therapy, acupuncture and nutrition counseling.

At HealthMax Physiotherapy, we believe in educating and empowering our patients through the recovery process. In support of these efforts, our Brampton location also offers a number of different orthotics and braces that are customized to meet your specific body type and nature of injury.

The suite of services offered at our Brampton Branch include:

The medical products at our Brampton Branch include:

Our Brampton Physiotherapy Services

Our team of health care professionals at the HealthMax Physio Brampton clinic holds a strong commitment to our patients. Our top priority is to figure out the best treatment plan for you and get you back to optimal health.

We begin by developing a specialized treatment plan catered to your individual needs and lifestyle. An initial medical assessment with one of our specialists will help us develop the best recommendations including a comprehensive, integrated course of treatment.

We have an innovative team that, using specific techniques and procedures, can manage and prevent a range of injuries caused by things like illness, slips, falls, or other injuries.

Why seek treatment from our Brampton Physiotherapy Clinic team?

Our Brampton Physiotherapy team provides a tailored treatment plan based on your condition.

We leverage a multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals to provide you with complete care.

We use a proactive approach to getting you back to your optimal health and prevent future injuries.

If you are suffering from pain and are ready to start getting your life back in order, contact us today to schedule an initial consultation and begin the process of restoring your body to its optimal condition!

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This is an amazing clinic! The front desk staff is extremely welcoming. I have been a patient at Healthmax since 2010 and still go in for maintenance on my back. I have been treated by both Dr. Badwall and Dr. Iqbal. Both of them are extremely skilled chiropractors and have the utmost empathy for patients going through pain. They show you care and are very accommodating with your schedule. The physiotherapist is very good at what she does and has fantastic people skills. The clinic is clean, and up to date in regards to their treatment technology. I would recommend this clinic to anyone seeking help with an injury or maintenance of good health!!read more
22:53 19 Feb 17
Heard about the clinic through friends and I am so glad I had! Dr. Badwall and his team are very professional and up to date with their therapies. I had chronic shoulder pain and Dr. Badwall was able to help me return back to function. He genuinely cares about his patients and wants to get people better. I would recommend Dr. Badwall and his team to everyone!!! read more
sandy gill
sandy gill
15:15 11 Jan 17
A team of caring professionals with polished diagnostic and therapeutic skills alongwith organized, accomodating and cheerful staff. I have been seeing Dr.Badwall and Dr. Iqbal for neck and back issues. Relief is instant and long lasting with the treatment techniques applied. Iwould highly recommend seeing the health professionals at Healthmax Physio Brampton for any acute or chronic conditions one may suffer more
Mandeep Bhullar
Mandeep Bhullar
01:30 19 Jan 17
I have been seeing Dr. Badwall for the past 6 weeks regarding a shoulder dislocation that occurred as a consequence of a sports related injury. I found him and his staff to be very friendly, organized, and professional. Despite having had only 3 treatments thus far, I already note improvements in my range of motion and level of pain. Dr. Badwall uses state of the art techniques to facilitate and expedite recovery. Needless to say, I have been thoroughly impressed and feel confident that with his help, I will make a full more
Harpreet Grover
Harpreet Grover
21:05 14 Aug 16
Dr Iqbal truly cares about his patients and one of the best chiropractors in Brampton
Shareefa S
Shareefa S
00:07 23 Mar 17
Reception Staff is very friendly and accommodating. Medical staff show they care and take the time to talk about your problems. They also explain what they are doing, why and how. read more
Sunder Bhatnagar
Sunder Bhatnagar
17:40 14 Dec 16

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