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Where Concussion Management Begins

When you start to treat concussions before they happen, you minimize the symptoms.

As doctors and therapists continue to learn more from concussion research, it’s clear that early detection and diagnosis are crucial for effective treatment.

Concussion management begins with baseline testing. As a brain injury, concussions are often difficult to diagnose. Brain function varies from person to person and what may be a symptom in one might be a normal function in another.

By measuring brain function in individuals before they suffer an injury, the effects of a concussion are more accurately and easily identified, which leads to faster, more effective treatment.

We Are Certified Concussion Management Practitioners

Our Toronto Clinic is currently Complete Concussion Management Certified (CCM) by Canada’s leading concussion research company. It means that we provide the most comprehensive concussion treatment programs available outside of major league sports.

  1. Comprehensive Baseline Testing: It is the most important step in concussion treatment. When concussions are properly diagnosed, the symptoms and consequences are significantly reduced. HealthMax’s doctors and therapists use a full range of comprehensive baseline tests on people of all ages as a basis for better diagnosis and treatment when an injury occurs.
  2. Specialized Treatment: Based on the comparison and analysis of pre- and post-concussion test results, not only are concussions quickly and easily identified, but treatments can be focused and customized to address particular symptoms and reduce or eliminate long-term effects.
  3. Activity Reintegration Programs: Returning to full sport, school or work activities too soon is a major risk factor for re-injury and long-term concussion symptoms. HealthMax’s Return-to-Play and Return-to-Learn programs, which are exclusive to CCM clinics, helps concussion sufferers gradually return to their daily school, employment and sports activities in a way that helps prevent re-injury and promotes complete recovery.

Get your baseline tests and protect yourself against the symptoms of concussion. Contact Us today or call 416-431-4000 to find your local Toronto and area Health Max Physiotherapy Clinic. Your initial consultation with a CCM specialist is free of charge.

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